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Revvolution’s Project Subaru BRZ Turbo Build…Get Ready. Blog Feature
JP Alonso

By: JP Alonso on November 17th, 2015

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Revvolution’s Project Subaru BRZ Turbo Build…Get Ready.


When Revvolution came to us and asked us to be one of a select few partners that would help with their Subaru BRZ build, we didn’t let them finish asking the question before we said yes.  We were in, no matter what.  Revvolution is and has been a great partner of ours for the last couple years or so.  Their online media presence is nothing short of amazing.  They are hardcore enthusiasts that pretty much care about one thing, bringing truly great content and media to the automotive community through their own work, other people’s work, and account members on their site (which is free by the way).  They cover awesome events, feature insane individual cars, and thoroughly educate the community about automotive high performance.  They have a very good handle on the scene and the community, constantly seeing what’s new and fresh out on the street.  With that said, we knew their own Subaru BRZ build was going to be insane.


From Revvolution themselves, “It won’t be a tame build either as we are going the turbocharged route along with a custom wide-body. We want to push the performance levels of the FA20 engine, and exploit the advantages of an air suspension setup for performance applications that still want some form with their function.” 


I think that’s enough said.  As with any of the very few current turbo Subaru BRZ builds, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this build,

there’s much more to come.

The best way to check out what’s going on with their build is to visit their site for full articles, pictures, content, commentary, etc. on the car.  We’ve never seen such in depth testing, information, and reflection on what the car is, how it behaves, what they are doing and why they are doing it. 

We are extremely proud to be a partner on this build and we’re excited to learn about the car for ourselves, as well, through their efforts.  We’ll continue to update you on what is being done to the BRZ but if you want to the most in depth and recent news, check them out here. 

And this is only the first Revvolution build to date…

For more info on this awesome build, head over to Revvolution.com.


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