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When Is A Turbo Too Big?

Believe it or not, you can have a turbo that is too big… Well, perhaps too big is the wrong way to word it. You can have a big turbo that is not matched properly with your engine or even matched properly with itself (size of hotside vs compressor). While this isn’t really an issue for big v8’s or even v6’s really, the problems from this phenomena will be most evident on small displacement turbo 4 cylinders.

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Project Blue Boxer - Part 1, Tuning

Our 2013 Subaru WRX sedan was purchased used in completely stock condition.  It originally had about 13,000 miles on it so it was very fresh and ready to accept some modifications.  Our approach with this project is different than what we've done before.  To be frank, we're not interested in pushing this car to the limit which is different than what we typically like to do (take, for example, our fragmented, blown engine block in our Ford Focus ST as a result of pushing the limits too far).  Our WRX was bought with the intention of educating our WRX customers, EJ25 enthusiasts specifically, and anyone else interested.

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FA20DIT EGR Delete - What and Why

In order to understand why you don’t want EGR, it is best to first understand exactly what it is. EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. It's the process of pumping exhaust gases back through the engine in order to chemically reduce the displacement and improve fuel efficiency and emissions.

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The Magic of E85

E85 is no longer a new thing. It has been around a while now but only in the last 8 to 10 years has it really started catching on as a form of race gas. The intended purpose of ethanol based fuels was not for race car, but it has been morphed into that due to its seemingly endless capabilities as a race fuel.

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5 Exhaust System Features To Consider

Depending on who you talk to about an upgraded cat back exhaust, some will tell you it is absolutely necessary and others will tell you it isn’t necessary at all. As for me personally, I’m all about reducing back pressure. The easier it is to move air out, the easier it is to get air in… And then you can’t beat the added enjoyment you get from the improved sound, and I don’t think anyone will argue that. So what should you be looking for when picking an upgraded exhaust for your car?

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How to Switch Your EJ Powered Subaru WRX to E85

First of all, what is E85 and why does it require a “switch” to run on your WRX or STI?

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Detonation vs Pre-Ignition

There are many ways to ruin a perfectly good engine, but today, I just want to talk about two of the most violent ones. Detonation and Pre-Ignition, often interchanged and/or used to describe the same thing, are actually quite different things that lead to similar outcomes. They are both referred to as abnormal combustion, and they are extremely bad for your engine. In order to better explain both Detonation and Pre-Ignition, I need to also explain normal combustion.

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3 Port Electronic Boost Control Solenoid: What and Why?

That is a mouthful, so from now on, I’m going to refer to this as EBCS. But what is a 3 Port EBCS? How is it different than stock? Why is it a good upgrade? Do you really need it? Let’s knock those questions out one by one…

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Free at last! - Cobb AccessPort for VW GTI Mk6

As a preview to the release of the Accessport for VW (finally!), we've compiled a little info to help familiarize you with the device and software.  

Ask any MK6 GTI owner about a stage 1 tune, and they’ll tell you it’s how their VW should have come from the factory. There is definitely some merit to a set it and forget it kind of tune. However, it does change the way you are able to mod the car. With a set it and forget it tune, you can’t really make any major changes to bolt on parts without going back to get the tune updated and paying for it. You have to mitigate that by either dropping all the money at once, or you spend more money over the modding process to keep your cars tune on point with the mods you are running. You can also just risk it and run untuned, but we definitely don't recommend that. The set it and forget it tune also limits you to only run parts which that tune supports. While this will be perfectly fine for most people, for some people it puts a limit on your creativity and what you can accomplish with your car.

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