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Ford Focus ST Exhaust Options

February 6th, 2023 | 2 min read

By Edge Autosport

Vehicle modification is all about expression, and what's better than leaving an impression before anyone even sees the car? Your exhaust can turn heads from blocks away, and is a big factor in the overall feel of your build. There are plenty of options for the perfect sounding exhaust on the Focus ST. but how do you know what it will sound like on your build? Exhaust note videos. We have tried eight different cat back exhausts on our Ford Focus ST with the stock down pipe so you can hear them for yourself. 

Cobb Cat-Back Polished Tips

Best Looking Exhaust

Of the first four exhaust systems we installed on the Focus ST, the Cobb Cat-Back is the nicest to look at. Beautiful stainless steel with super uniform machine welds and thick durable flanges on the connections. Overall this is the kind of thing we have grown to expect from Cobb Performance. With a quieter overall note, JP really liked this offering and confessed he is leaning toward the quieter kits in his old age. 

AWE Touring Exhaust

Loudest Exhaust

The loudest exhaust from these the first four kits was the AWE Touring, maintaining a nice note and avoiding any excessive rasp through the rev range. While it’s not the prettiest to look at, this kit is well built and will be hidden under the car anyway. So if you are looking for a louder exhaust with a more aggressive vibe, this is the one. The Borla and Ingen kits are more tame, and both have unique sounds, so watch the video below and hear the difference. 



Most Affordable

The  second batch of exhausts starts with the most affordable kit, an aluminized steel offering from MBRP. The phrase, you get what you pay for, is one to keep in mind when buying car parts, but every now and then, we can be impressed by a budget component. This exhaust isn’t the lightest, and it doesn’t fit the best under the car, but it does sound great and it is the least expensive by a good margin. The exhaust tips and rear most section fit well and look good coming out of the back, so if you want to get a good sound at a lower cost, the MBRP is the way to go. 

AWE Track Exhaust

Best Value

Another surprise we encountered was the overall impression of the AWE Track Exhaust,  it turned out to be more refined than the Touring version. Considering the cost difference, it’s a fantastic value, and while the welds are a bit on the ugly side, everything is hidden under the car except the polished black tips, which line up well and look great. Watch the video below to see what we are talking about. 



In the end JP decided the Cobb was his favorite for our build. Excellent fitment, highly refined note, and a more reserved volume level. Don’t just cut your muffler off and call it a build, show your neighbors some respect and get a well built and acoustically engineered exhaust system. They all sound different, so do your research and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support here at Edge Autosport, we are happy to help.

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