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10th Gen Civic Si Exhaust Options

January 31st, 2023 | 2 min read

By Edge Autosport

Exhaust systems are more than just noise makers, they provide performance benefits by helping to clear the spent air from the engine quickly and efficiently. These days the major brands making exhaust systems for the Honda Civic Si are very comparable in terms of performance, which means their sounds are what really set them apart. Wider diameters make deeper noises, less resonators and small mufflers are louder, and the only way to choose is to hear them. We made video clips for fourteen different exhausts to help you decide, scroll down to hear what we think about each setup.

7 Exhausts in one video

Exhaust sound clips exist on the internet but there are variables from car to car that can make them sound different. For this reason we lined up the boxes and tested each one on the same setup, back to back. Watch the video below to see and hear the differences between the following exhausts. 

You might notice that the list only has 6 exhausts on it, the Greddy DD-R was discontinued and no longer available for purchase, which is a bummer because it was JP’s favorite. His second favorite was the ARK DT-S, with a very nicely tuned sound thanks to its Helmholtz resonator.


Three more Civic Si Exhausts

After seeing how well received the video was, we decided to make another one with 3 more exhausts on our FC3 Civic. The next video features 

JP mentions that anyone running the stock turbo will be fine using a 2.5 inch exhaust because the turbo is relatively small, which makes the smaller size much less of a restriction. Of the last three, the Full Race was his favorite in terms of its sound characteristics, and once it was installed correctly, it looked great too. 


Viewers Choice Honda Exhausts

After these videos continued to gain popularity, we noticed a lot of people were requesting certain exhaust kits in the comments. So we made a Viewers Choice video with four of the most requested kits on the Civic. The following video features

Of the four tested in this latest video, the Remark was the favorite with its bright, aggressive note, and beautiful construction. The Skunk2 Racing kit was impressive value for the price, but Adrian clearly prefers a higher pitch. Everyone has their own opinion on what sounds good, so turn your computer speakers up and decide for yourself.


After you have done your research, if you have any questions about all the offerings we have at the website, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team. We use these products on our own cars every day, and would love to talk about our favorites with you.

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