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Upgrading Honda Civic Engine Mounts

January 20th, 2023 | 1 min read

By Edge Autosport


Engine mounts make a world of difference, especially in a front wheel drive car like the Civic Si. OEM engine mounts are made of rubber and designed for comfort. Soft and full of voids, they allow the engine to twist and shift in the engine bay, causing the handling to feel very loose. Upgrading these mounts will stop the engine from pitching and swaying. They will keep your wheels on the ground, improving throttle response, and grip while driving hard.


What do Engine mounts do?

Under hard acceleration, with fully upgraded engine mounts, more power is transferred to the wheels instead of being lost to flexing rubber mounts. This works in the opposite as well, under heavy braking the front of the car will resist the urge to dip, keeping you flat and ready for steering inputs. Even shifting can be improved because the linkage will function more efficiently when the motor and transmission are not moving around.



What to look for

Companies like Hasport offer bushing stiffness options in their engine mount kits. The bushing stiffness is measured in durometers, the higher the number the stiffer the material. It is important to note there is a tradeoff when it comes to stiff bushings, and we want to strike a balance between comfort and performance. The Civic Si OEM mounts are made of rubber and designed to absorb the maximum amount of vibration coming from the engine. Upgrading your mounts for a stiffer bushing will transfer more vibration to the rest of the car, this is particularly noticeable when sitting at a traffic light. Before deciding which level of stiffness to install, consider your goals; how much comfort are you willing to sacrifice for performance?



Things to keep in mind

You might be thinking, well I want the stiffest one because that's the fastest right? Technically the stiffest is considered the highest performance, but don’t forget about that balance. If you are building a race car for track days and will see little to no commuting, go with the stiff option. If you are upgrading your daily, try the softer duro to maintain some comfort. No matter which you chose, these are all significantly better than the OEM engine mounts, so no need to go overboard. In case you were wondering, we have the 62a Hasport kit installed on our FC3.

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